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Teen Patti Offline

Enjoy Teen Patti Without internet, Can be Paused and Played anytime with Less Battery Consumption, No more Waiting for Network issue, Artificially Intelligent Players, Freshly Designed.


Simply tap the screen and flap the bird make him survive though the obstacles as far as you can, Make highest score and be the king of world Leaderboard.

Whatsapp Launcher

Nokia X platform had problem supporting Whatsapp , So to solve this problem we made this app which interim helped 4 Lakh+ users over 170+ countries to use whatsapp in there phones.


Blueuino is Android App which Controls Arduino Boards using HC-05 and other Bluetooth Module with this you can control Arduino over voice commands as well as Buttons.


TransClip Provides User Fast and Easy way to translate their text without switching between apps. TransClip is Powered by Bing Translator API.


This is Your Personal Assistant, With your Personal Genie just unlock phone and just say apps name to open it, even it continuously keeps listening to your voice command in Background.


This application is for those who have hard time remembering spellings and don’t know how to pronounce word in English.

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Services we provide to our clients
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Mobile Development

Applications and Games for Android, iOS, Windows
We are skilled in making Mobile apps and games for Android, iOS and Windows Phones so we can provide proper services to our clients to conquer the Smartphone market
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Design, Development, Deployment and Maintenance
Websites, Web Apps, have been crucial part of every business to reach out for world, so we help you develop eye catching websites with flawless functionalies
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Make your Product rank high in search engines and App stores
To make your product stand out in Search engines and App stores to make them rank higher then competitors Search engine optimisation (SEO) and App store optimisation (ASO) is very important this days
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Advertisements and Social Promoting to gain you more customers
Marketing is most important to reach out clients to make them want, use and love your product among thousands other
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Making Brand as Symbol of Trust
Multi Product industries focus on branding so their new product can taste the ripen fruit of their Brand name and get client base easily
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Graphics Design

Creatively designed Images and Videos
Logos, Banners, Posters and Videos are important to express things more precisely in lesser time and if they are eye catching they, God Bless your Competitors
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Arduino, Embedded Systems

Combining hardware and software to get work done
Arduinos board and embedded systems are getting famous day by day to make world automated, we program this hardwares to use them in various applications


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