BlueUino – Android Bluetooth Remote for Arduino


Blueuino is App which Controls Arduino using HC-05 and other Bluetooth Module with this you can control Arduino over voice commands as well as Buttons.

Blueuino connects with any Bluetooth device because it searches for devices first Pairs with it and then saves it as default device to be used next time and you can change it afterword too. After connection you can control 10 Pins in free version and Unlimited Pin in Pro Version(About BlueUino Pro you will find in This App ) on arduino module on Voice and Buttons

Introducing Momentary mode, Buttons can be used in Momentary mode by Long pressing them.

Blueuino is Highly customizable Application For Android and you can change command values to send to arduino as per your requirement, you can change Device Labels to represent Buttons, you can change Voice commands, as well as you can set UUID as well.

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Default values are as follows,

Device 1 ON: 2

Device 1 OFF: 1

Device 2 ON: 4

Device 2 OFF: 3

Device 3 ON: 6

Device 3 OFF: 5

Device 4 ON: 8

Device 4 OFF: 7

Device 5 ON: 10

Device 5 OFF: 9


Apps Code for Arduino (.ino).

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